First Step Functional Fitness Program

This is a complete program with everything you need to help you achieve your fitness goals. With an ebook of over 20 pages laying out everything listed below, you will have all your questions answered. The First Step Functional Fitness Program is not just another program. It takes a unique and sustainable approach to nutrition, helps take your mobility to a new high, and uses the most beneficial exercises to get you to your goals!

This program includes...

  • Introduction

  • Workout Phase Descriptions

  • Fat Loss Nutrition Guide

  • Lean Muscle Gain Nutrition Gude

  • Guide on how to Pick the Correct Weight to Lift

  • Guide on how to Correctly Foam Roll

  • Videos/Descriptions for the Warm Up, Mobility, Flexibility, and Corrective Exercises.

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Buddy Training

  • Free Consultation Phone/Skype Call

  • 1 Custom Program for both of You to Follow Together

  • Custom Nutrition Advice

  • Weekly Update email (Together)

  • ​OPTIONAL: Monthly 10-15 min Skype Call (Together)

  • Quick Question Support (Respond within 48 hours)

$70 a week($35 per person)

Group Training

$10 per person (5 person minimum)
  • Group Application Form Consultation

  • 1 Custom Program Based on the Groups Goal

  • 2 PDF Nutrition Guides (Fat Loss & Lean Muscle Gain)

  • Weekly Update email (Together) (5 questions max)